Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?

WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging platforms these days that helps you to create different blogs and websites for free. There are also other blogging platforms such as Blogger, Joomla, but still most of the blogger’s choice is WordPress and they recommend WordPress for others too.

why wordpress is the best blogging platform?

For the question “Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?” I am going to share my personal experiences as well as some of the attracting features of WordPress that every bloggers want. I used Blogger (BlogSpot) for more than 6 months and was not satisfied with Blogger and then I saw many bloggers using and recommending WordPress for better blogging. This made me move towards WordPress, it was really a perfect blogging platform with lots of interesting and attractive features. The following impressive features about WordPress will surely impress you from the heart.

  • At first, WordPress has crossed more than 60 million installations and this is increasing day by day.
  • More than 1/6 of the web today is powered by WordPress.
  • More than 3 million Google searches are made related to WordPress monthly.
  • It is completely free that uses open sources platforms.
  • WordPress focuses on security and functionality.
  • WordPress has been translated to more than 73 languages that makes easy to understand to learn.
  • WordPress has no limit for developers as well as bloggers too i.e. they can build whatever they want.
  • WordPress is available with thousands of free themes, plugins, widgets that makes easier for designing and monetizing sites.

Beside these, WordPress has lots of benefits, some of them are below:


WordPress can be downloaded from WordPress.org at no cost but you need a hosting company to host your domain that is paid. If you want to use free hosting then you can use WordPress.com also which provides limited features than paid hosting. So, for professional use, I recommend you to use paid hosting providers.

Easy Installation:

The main thing you need for developing a website/ blog are domain name and hosting company. Most of the hosting providers offer one click installation in their control panel that helps you to install WordPress for your domain easily. Beside this, you can use FTP applications such as Filezilla to easily upload and install WordPress on your domain.

Themes and plugins:

WordPress provides thousands of free themes and plugins for your blog. You just have to search a suitable theme for your site and it can be installed easily with just few clicks. You can also buy premium themes and plugins if you want more customization and more features. Plugins that are available in WordPress help you easily add new features and customize your site.

Open source:

WordPress has been built with PHP and the source code used is available to everyone. You can also design and develop themes and plugins with little knowledge of PHP.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo like WordPress so, you can easily boost up your search engine optimization using WordPress. Lots of SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO pack, etc. are freely available to use that will help you increase you SEO even more.


WordPress notifies you if updates are available for WordPress, plugins and themes. You can install updates both automatically as well as manually. WordPress also has a forum at WordPress.org where you can discuss your problems, get help from the experts and so on.

Finally, I would like to recommend you to use WordPress for the best blogging experience. Hope the question “Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?” is solved now. If you still have some confusions and suggestions for me, leave your comment below.


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