Some Common WordPress Mistakes That Every Bloggers Must Avoid

Experience is the teacher of mistake since we learn from our mistakes. I am a part time blogger and I have some experiences on WordPress which I learnt from lots of mistakes I did while using WordPress. Though I am not a WordPress expert and is still in the learning phase I am going to share from experiences with you may guide you to overcome your mistakes.

Not Installing Cache Plugin

Most of the bloggers don’t like to use a cache plugin since they don’t know the benefits of using that. Simply cache plugin helps you to speed up your site; it also prevents your site’s downtime if you get a lot of traffic to your site at once. There are lots of cache plugin for WordPress but in case of choosing the best one you can use WP Super Cache for free.

Ignoring WordPress Updates

WordPress has different versions till now and currently the latest version of WordPress is WordPress 3.8 “Parker”. So, I mean to say that WordPress releases it updates frequently adding lots of features and we usually are afraid to update from our oldest version to current version. But updating WordPress is very simple and you can do that in a single click. Most of us keep the backup before updating WordPress and some don’t keep the update, usually we don’t face problem after the update also but for safety it’s good to have backup before update.

Choosing Themes and Plugins from Bad Source

Most of the starters’ face the problem of getting their site infected from malwares and the reason for that is they don’t have money to buy premium themes and plugins and for that they download themes from torrents and other illegal sites. So, download free themes and plugins from only and if you start earning money from your blog then buy premium themes from trusted provides.

Not Using Contact Form

Most of us don’t use contact page which means we don’t have a contact option so; you need to create a contact page, add contact form there and list email. If you do so then you will start receiving lots of emails and most of them will be spam. So, for solution to this you will need to install a contact form plugin and for that you can use Jetpack or Gravity Forms.

Using Microsoft Word instead of WordPress Editor

We are familiar in using Microsoft Word for text editing purpose so first we write our post on Microsoft Word and then paste it on our WordPress post editor using “Paste from Microsoft Word” button. Is that good? Absolutely the answer is no. I recommend you to use the built-in post editor provided by WordPress. The built-in editor has lots of features such as auto save, post revisions, restore post and so on. You will safe if you will use the built-in editor for your every post.

These were some common WordPress mistakes that every bloggers must avoid. Hope that you had great time reading this post.


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