Nepali Apps for Windows 8 Users

Windows 8 has become popular these days as it is friendly than other version of windows with lots of new features added. Windows 8 is specially focused for Touch PCs and Tablets but works fine on Non-Touch PCs also. In this version of Windows, Windows store feature has been added from where you can install apps directly to your PC same like as Android. So, in this post I am going to share some of the Nepali apps for Windows 8 users.

Though an updated version of Windows 8.1 has been released overcoming the feedback from the customers but I still call it Windows 8 because the logo used by Windows when we see properties is still Windows 8. There are some Nepali apps for windows 8 users in the windows store but the apps are not so interesting as in Google Play Store. To find Nepali apps in Windows 8/8.1 you can simply go to the windows store and type “Nepal”, then you will get a list of apps and download or install them easily. For easy i have listed some of the best and useful apps below:

Nepal Load shedding Schedule

Nepal Load shedding ScheduleThis is a free app available in Windows store that displays the current schedule issued by NEA. It shows schedule with respect to group in both 12 and 2 hours. Currently, this app has been updated to version 2.0. It has some of the interesting features like automatic update, view both remaining time as well as current time, choose your own group and so on. This app is limited to Nepali users only.

Download Nepal Load Shedding Schedule 2.0

Nepali Calendar

 Nepali CalendarNepali calendar allows you to view current date, time and upcoming events. It also has an important feature to convert date from A.D to B.S. It allows has an option to change the color of the application same like as Windows 8. This application is specially targeted to those people who can understand Nepali language.

Download Nepali Calendar


Nepali FM

Nepali FMThis is a free app that streams many FM from Kathmandu as well other places of Nepal on your Windows 8 PC. Not only audio, you can use app see both Nepali, Hindi videos and also latest Nepali news. You can easily listen to Nepali songs, videos, some popular serials and also live television. Background play option makes this app for user friendly.

Download Nepali FM

Nepal Time

Nepal TimeNepal app helps you to view current date and time as well as live weather of Nepal also. Beside this, you can also listen to FM, Live TV with background play option. It also has link to various news and map of Nepal.

Download Nepal Time


news nepalThis is a news app developed by vumari. This app gives you latest news from major news portals of Nepal. Currently you can view news from eKantipur, Himalayan Times and The Republica.

Download NewsPal.

These were some of the apps I found helpful for Windows 8 devices, there are other apps too so, you can find and install them as your requirements. Currently developers from Nepal are working hard for developing Windows 8 apps. Hope for getting more helpful apps in the coming future.

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