How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block is not a new issue. Great writers and bloggers in the blogosphere at times struggle such condition. Losing their ability to do a unique work is frustrating and leads to an unproductive day or week and many suffered. Additionally, it is one of the most common problems that every writers face.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

But before I will tell you how to prevail over Writer’s Block, first I help you figure out why this terrible problem happens.

The 8 Causes of Writer’s Block

  1. Writer’s Block is caused of problems.
  2. Writer may run out of his/her inspiration.
  3. The writer has too many ideas, no certain goal.
  4. Writer’s environment is distracting.
  5. Writer’s Block occurs when the writer is stressed (due to work and personal hitches)
  6. The writer has no plan.
  7. The writer lacks motivation.
  8. Write is afraid.

Now, my question is, did you spot which circumstances or number you have experienced the past days? If yes, then continue reading to know how to handle writer’s block and overcome it, but I will divide it into two parts.

I divide it into two, which will assist you identify which is more effective.

First part

  1. Writer’s block is easy to handle if you will stop writing.
  2. Do something that will relax your mind, take a break.
  3. Take a Nap or why not sleep?
  4. Go out and dine somewhere!
  5. Give your body a stretch! Let your bones move! (Why not dance a little? Haha! Sure, you’ll going to love it!)
  6. Talk to a friend or have a quality time with your family.

Second Part

  1. Let the words flow, write it just like free writing.
  2. Stay away from distractions(This may also be included in the first part)
  3. Write early in the morning. (Your brain works as early as 8 o’clock AM and best with a hot cup of coffee)
  4. Read blog posts everyday like list of weekly and monthly round up.
    Examples. Making Money Online  and Blogging Topics (Reading is like collecting ideas and you might find encouragement that will motivate you to write again.)
  5. Always bring a note wherever you go.(It’s significant to put it into practice. You can’t tell when ideas will pop out in your mind.)
  6. Brainstorm(It’s a creative tactic to find solutions with a group of people)
  7. Make a list of topics. (It’s like planning)
  8. Use a topic generator tool.
  9. Join a forum in your niche.

I believe topic generators are playing a big role during Writer’s block and I am very sure; many are looking topic generator tools.

So here are the 3 tools I prepared for you.

  1. ContentIdeator 
  2. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator
  3. Portent’s Content Generator 

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