How to Choose Best Permalinks Structure for WordPress?

What is Permalinks?

Permalinks is a link that is given to each posts of your blog which helps you to improve your search engine raking. This is a permanent link for every posts of your blog that should be never changed. Since the links are permanent we call it “Permalinks i.e. permanent links” There are 5 permalinks structure available in WordPress, you can also use your custom permalinks structure. Here I am going to help you to choose best permalinks structure for WordPress.

 First let’s see the example to know what permalinks is:

This is the example of my blog’s URL that shows all the post of my post and let’s see another example below:

This is the example of permalinks that denotes a single post of my blog.

If you setup WordPress on your blog then I think you should first set up the permalinks structure which just takes few minutes for complete setup. As, permalinks plays a great role to improve search engine ranking i am using %postname% for my blog. Below are the permalinks structure available in WordPress:

best permalinks structure for wordpress

You can see what I have chosen for my blog. To set up permalinks go to Settings and then click on Permalinks. You will see different options as shown in the picture above. By default WordPress provides “post id” and my suggestion for you is to ignore this option. The other two available options “Day and name” & “Month and name” are used by newspapers since they update their blog 3-4 times a day. These two are also other popular structures that are used by most of the bloggers. But also i recommend you to choose “post name” structure for your blog. If you are using SEO plugins for WordPress then they might change you permalinks structure. I have faced a problem on stop words on my blog and for that you should go to your plugins settings page and untick “remove stop words from slugs”  options.

At last,

I suggest you to use “post name” as your default permalinks structure if your blog is niche related blog and if you have a news blog then I suggest you to use  “Day and Name” permalinks structure.

I think this post was helpful for you. If i have some errors or mistakes here then I am always ready for your feedback and suggestions. After reading this post which Permalinks Structure are you going to use for your blog?

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