How to Allow Image Upload in WordPress Comments

Comments are given to give feedback and suggestions to the author as well as to say thank you for the good writing to the concerned author. We bloggers usually use WordPress comment system as a discussion platform. Mostly texts are used in comments and many of us don’t have an option to upload image too as a comment. So, here I am going to share something that might help you to allow image upload in WordPress comments.

You know that images are more powerful than text texts since they can attract users and also they can help your users to engage on your site. These days Facebook too has introduced image upload in the comment. So, after reading this post you will be able to enable image upload on your WordPress blog.

At first you need to do is install “Comment Images” plugin and activate it. Here the plugin will check your hosting for support to allow image upload in comments. It also depends on the WordPress hosting you are using because if your hosting doesn’t support image upload then this plugins will not work and if your hosting supports image upload then you will be able to allow users to allow image upload in WordPress Comments. I did a test on my blog and plugin worked fine, you can see the screenshot below:

How to Allow Image Upload in WordPress Comments

Comment Images plugin is developed by ommcfarlin and is downloaded 18,420 times till date and is compatible with almost all version of WordPress. This plugin is simple to use which requires no additional configuration. Hope that this post was helpful and you will enjoy using this plugin.


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