How to find blogs for guest posting by analyzing competitors backlinks

For a guest blogger, the most difficult part of the job would have to be the blog hunt, where it’s the job of the blogger to find a decent blog where his or hers guest post might get accepted and published. The reason why finding a good blog is difficult lies in the fact that there’s a lot of people out there who are trying to do the same, they are pitching blog owners and offering articles on a regular basis. Most of the pitches are gonna be poor quality and because of that after a certain period of time has passed blog owner becomes weary and simply stops being responsive or he/she stops accepting guest posts altogether.

How to find guest post targets by check competitors’ backlinks

There is a lot of tricks that people who search for guest post targets use. The one that we’re gonna be talking about today is the competitor backlink analysis, where like the name of the method suggests it, you scour through the backlinks of your competitors in order to see which blogs they’ve posted so that you can try and submit your articles to those same blogs.

How to analyze competitors backlinks?

You’re probably wondering how exactly can you find out what kind of backlinks your competition has? Well you can do that easily using various different online tools, most of which are free, take for example. Simply open up the website by clicking on the link, type in the web address of the competitors’ website and you’re gonna be presented with a list of backlinks right away. Of course free accounts are limited in the number of backlinks that can be seen, but there are other tools that you can use, for example SEOmoz or Alexa to some extent, to fill in the gaps.

What to do once that you’ve analyzed the competitors backlinks?

Once that you’ve analyzed your competitors backlinks and you know what kind of blogs have accepted their articles, you need to visit them, collect their contact information, names, emails, and then get in touch with them to see if they might be interested in an article from you. If they were open enough to listen to the pitch of your competition, that would mean that you’re also gonna have more luck with them, you won’t just end up being shunned or ignored, which, if you’ve been doing guest blogging a lot, you probably come across a lot. This is good because businesses all over the place expect results, and they usually expect them fast, so sometimes you have to use extreme methods to get ahead.

Final thoughts

The times are getting though for SEOs. There’s more and more people who are doing SEO outreach and blog owners are spammed to death with inquiries about possible guest posts. You need to be very creative in order to find the right approach so that you don’t sound too spammy (use a personalized message), too needy (don’t beg) and that you of course offer interesting and useful content. After that another battle waits for you, the one where you need to actually find blogs where posts are gonna be published. Hopefully with this tip that we’ve shared here this part of the guest blogging process, looking for good potential guest blog targets, is gonna be a little bit easier on you. Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comment section down below.


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