Best Nepali Apps for Android Users

Android is a mobile Operating System that is based on Linux Kernel which is developed by Google. Android has become the number one mobile OS in the world with increasing number of users day by day. In Nepal also the no. of users using smartphones are increasing day by day and the first choice of people here is Android.  Along with the users there are lots of Android apps developers in Nepal including lots of local Nepal apps for Android. So, here I would like to introduce some of the best Nepali apps for Android users. I know this is not a new topic for you but also hope that this post will be helpful for you in finding Nepali apps for your Android.

Nepali FM-Calendar-Hamro Patro:

Hamro Patro


Hamro Patro was introduced as a Nepali patro for Android by Shankar Uprety and now it is available in almost almost features need in one application. The current version of this app has become able to replace Nepal LoadShedding Schedule app since it has a built in LoadShedding feature. The available features in this app are:

1. Latest News

2. Nepali Patro

3. Nepali FM and Radio

4. Foreign Exchange Rate

5. Gold and Silver Rate

6. Rashifal

7. Nepali Date Converter and so on.

Hamro Patro provides different app widgets with different sizes. It gives you notifications on Load Shedding, important festivals and rituals and also some important news also.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard:

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard (beta) is another useful application developed by Shankar Uprety. I think this is the best Nepali keyboard for Android users till now. It is in beta stage and hope that the official release will rock.  It is romanized based keyboard layout with Google Nepali Input. You can easily switch between English and Nepali keyboard clicking on the flag.

nLocate:Places in Nepal:


nLocate is local Nepali app that helps to explore your local locality including local places such as Hospitals, ATM’s, Banks, Cinema Halls, Schools and Colleges, Government Offices, Petrol Pumps,  etc. Currently this app provides details of above listed places of Kathmandu only but it is said that this app will come with details beyond Kathmandu. You can also download offline information for this app so that you can use this app even you are offline.

 Nepali Dictionary-Offline:

Nepali Dictionary

Nepali Dictionary by Hamro Patro  is the first offline two way dictionary i.e. Nepali-English and English-Nepali dictionary for Android.  It means you can use this Dictionary on your Android without internet connection. It includes built in Word Game (Hangman) and provides you word of the day too. The latest version of Nepali Dictionary provides 18,000 thousand no. of words along with Spoken  Pronunciation.



Picovico is an online video creation application developed by Picovico Inc. Picovico converts your photos and texts into a beautiful video slideshow automatically. You can select style of presentation from the templates available, add some photo, text, music, put titles and credits and create an video in minute. Also you can export videos in Facebook and Youtube and download, share them in offline mode too.

There are lots of apps besides these which but here I just introduced five best Nepali apps for Android users. As a bonus I would like to list some other apps below:

1. COA (Cash on Ad)

2. Taxi Flares Nepal

3. Kinmel

4. KMG (Kantipur Media Group)

5. Hospitals Nepal


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