Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

You know that for the beginners much more guidance is needed and it is same for the bloggers too who are going to start their blogging journey. I too used to ask questions to many expert bloggers before when I was totally new to blogging. Collecting some of those experiences I am going to share them to you. So, here are some basic blogging tips for beginners:

Choosing Platform:

These days WordPress and Blogger are two most popular blogging platforms and among them WordPress is the most popular & widely used by almost all bloggers. Blogger by Google is also popular but for better blogging with lots of plug and play features WordPress is the best. WordPress has easy customization features through themes and plug-ins which reduces time and also any one with little knowledge can blog better with WordPress. So, for best blogging experience I recommend you to start blogging with WordPress. You can also read my post “Why WordPress is best blogging platform?” for more information about WordPress.

Creating Categories:

In the first topic I recommended you to blog with WordPress so I will talk for WordPress now. For starting blog you need to create categories which is an easy process in WordPress so, you create lots of categories almost each unique category for a single post which is not good. For this create specific categories related to your niche or related to the topics you are going to blog and use tags to represent your posts.

Setting up Permalinks:

I think setting up permalink is also one of the important things to do in WordPress before publishing post. I have explained briefly about this in my previous post and in short I will say don’t use the default permalinks given by WordPress; change that to %post name%. You can setup permalinks through Settings-Permalinks.

SEO Settings:

When installing WordPress, you have an option to index your site on search engines so don’t ignore that option. After setting this you have to do lots of thing for increasing your site’s SEO but many of you ignore SEO settings for your posts and pages which is totally wrong. Also installing SEO plug-in and doing nothing is also not good. If I want to talk about plug-in then I recommend you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast which is the best free WordPress plug-in and if you want to go premium then you can use SEOPresser. After you install SEO plug-in then you need update all your posts with focus keywords, Meta settings and so on.

Using Favicon and Tagline:

Favicon is little icon that appears on page title bar of you browser. Most of you ignore using this but I think Favicon is something that represents your website so you should never ignore it. If you don’t have Favicon then upload your Favicon right now.

Default tagline by WordPress is “Just another blog” and most of the beginners don’t change that. You know your site is indexed by Google so using a better that represents your site is good. For using your own tagline go to Settings-General.

Backup and Security:

Most of us don’t create WordPress backup and when we lose everything then there’s nothing for rescue. So, if we create regular backups then we can fight against every problem. I am faced from this problem because previously I was using free hosting and had not created any backups and at last I lost everything, started this blog from the beginning. So, I recommend you to create automatic WordPress backups.

Security is another thing you should be serious because your site may be hacked anytime. For this you have to do lots of things such as:

  • Create Backup
  • Install security plug-ins such as Better WP Security, Bulletproof Security, etc.
  • Limit Login Attempts and so on.

Nothing is 100% secured but also your approach can do more.

These were some basic blogging tips for especially for “WordPressers”. Hope that you had great time reading this post.

Your valuable suggestions and feedbacks are always welcomed. 


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