3 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

All of you know either a blog or a website you have something to share for your visitors and for sharing them you lave lots of social media such Google+, Facebook, Twitter and so on. So, here I am talking about some 3 best social sharing plugins for WordPress blog or website that helps you to share your posts. In my blog(niraj’s blog) also I have used Jet Pack which has lots of features  including social sharing also. I don’t say that you too have to choose Jet Pack for using a medium to share your posts . You can choose any of the plugins below for experiencing the best:

1. Floating Social Bar

Floating social bar is one of the best social sharing plugin for WordPress that adds horizontal floating social bar to  your posts, pages and media. This plugins supports only five social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So, if you want to increase your social media shares maximum no. times then you can use Floating Social Bar. This plugin has been downloaded 49,791 no. of times till date and was last updated in 2013-09-02.

Floating Social Bar


Download Floating Social Bar

2. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a free social sharing plugin loved by most of the bloggers. It is widely used because it has a horizontal social sharing bar which you can put on left or right side of the post. It includes large no. of social networks (almost all sites that allows social sharing are included) than that of Floating Social Bar. This plugin has been downloaded 792,834 no. of times and was last updated in 2013-07-02.

Digg Digg

 Download Digg Digg

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is a free plugin by WordPress.com that helps you to boost your self-hosted WP site with the rich features included in WordPress.com site. This plugin has lots of features such social commenting, email subscription, publicize and so on. Here social sharing comes under publicize. This is my favorite plugin since it provides lots of features as well as needs no additional server load. You need to connect this plugin to your WordPress.com account to activate Jetpack on your site then you can add different social sharing options on your posts and pages using Publicize option. This plugin has been downloaded 7,885,768 no. of times till date , is compatible with latest version of WordPress i.e. WordPress 3.8 and was last updated in 2013-12-11.


Download Jetpack

So among these, which plugin are you going to use on your WordPress site?



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