3 Best Android Apps for Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography depends on two aspect, phone with great camera and the app you use to enhance it. Both of these factors are important for mobile photography. So, here I would like to present some of the great apps for your Android that will help your photography better.

Google Camera

Google Camera is default camera app by Google which is preloaded in Nexus devices as well as GPE devices. Google Camera is one of the best camera app for Android phones because of its 3 rich and powerful features:

  1. Photo sphere : Lets you create 360 degree photos.
  2. Panorama : Lets you stitch continuous stream of photos into an extra wide shot i.e panoramic shot.
  3. Lens Blur : Lets you take close up shot by de-focusing the background like a DSLR effect.


These days Mobile Photography and Instagram have become synonymous. Instagram is a way to capture your everyday moments and  share them with friends and family. You can edit your photos and videos with the built in filters and share them instantly on Twitter, Facebook. Tumlbr as well as other social networks. It is the best place for photographers to interact, learn and share. There are more than 300 million Instragrammers today. So, join today and make your mobile photography better with Instagram.


Snapseed in an extraordinary photo app with best photo experience on your fingertips. Snapseed is available with Google+ capabilities since it is owned by Google. Auto Correct and Tune Image lets you transform your photos with a single click in Snapseed. Vintage, Drama, Grunge and Tilt Shift are most innovative filters of Snapseed. With Snapseed you can share your photos via Google+, Twitter , Facebook and so on.

Google Camera, Instagram and Snapseed are the best Android apps for Mobile Photography. There are thousands of apps such Pics art, Vosco CAM, Fotor, Pixlr, etc but I choose 3 of the above because I have become a Mobile Photographer after I started using them.

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