10 Tips for Becoming a Blogging Rockstar

Note: This is a guest post by Ryan Biddulph.

I get it. You want to become a blogging rockstar. Getting more traffic, more sales and more comments is your goal. Boosting your Page Rank and Alexa score, well, you are drooling over these prospects. Before you get too excited understand 1 thing; you GET in proportion to how much you GIVE.

10 tips for becoming a blogging rockstar

What do I mean?

Well if you want to GET more traffic you must give something of equal value. Like giving away knowledge through your blog posts. Or giving other bloggers traffic by aggressively promoting their content. Karma reigns. 24-7, 365, what you put out freely returns to you multiplied. If you are struggling to snag even a little bit of blog traffic take heart. I know the cause of your dismay. I know the root of your pain.

Giving freely precedes receiving easily. This means that as you freely give of your time and talents you can easily receive scad’s worth of whatever you want in the blogging realm.

My Story

OK, about RB. I will demonstrate a perfect example of how giving freely precedes receiving easily. I was blessed to meet Niraj a few nights ago in Kathmandu, Nepal. Yep, the globetrotter is in Nepal now. After chatting for a few minutes about blogging and life Niraj kindly offered me an opportunity to guest post on his popular blog.

I was floored. I felt grateful. Why did I get? Why did I receive such an awesome opportunity? I gave. I connected with Niraj over dinner, we talked, and the opportunity arose. I also make it a habit to give freely each day, doing my best to write posts, promote bloggers across platforms like twitter and LinkedIn and create helpful, insightful comments on blogs.

Because I give I have noticed getting seems to be so much easier.

The Catch

The getting might be through other channels. You might help someone out for many months yet never see something in return from them. This is OK because if you do not complain you will notice the getting flowing through multiple channels. Other bloggers will offer you guest posting opportunities. Your affiliate marketing sales might jump or your posts might snag 150 retweets.

Since we are all connected keep an eye out for all the blessings you receive through various channels. Avoid getting caught up in the “1-for-1, I only help you if you help me” garbage frame of mind. It will make you a blogging pariah quickly instead of a blogging rockstar.

1: Create Resources

Blogging rockstars create resource-style posts. Example; how to do you feel after reading a 2000 word, in-depth, detailed post? You likely feel as if your problem has been solved. Creating resources boosts your brand and strengthens your blogging reputation quickly. Rockstars go above and beyond each post, pushing themselves to create 1-stop-shopping for their followers and readers.

Sure you can write a wonderful post in 600 words but we are talking about becoming a rockstar. If you want to become a blogging millionaire or billionaire you must do what few people do. This means posting 2000 words on more on a topic, covering the subject inside out to satisfy the cravings of your audience.

2: Comment Like a Champion

comment like a champion

Check out my comments from the past few weeks. You will likely see me somewhere on your authority blog of choice. Almost all of my comments are thorough, detailed, in-depth pieces of content which vibe with readers. I intend to make an impact each time I comment because blogging rockstars make an impact wherever they show up. Go the extra mile. Write 3-4 paragraphs. Greet your fellow blogger by name. Expound on a point made in the post.

Agree or disagree in a respectful, tactful manner. Thank the blogger by name. Sign off with your name. The tiny details create the brilliant, insightful comment.

3: Craft Compelling Titles

Readers decide to click through or not in a second. Create compelling titles to snag the attention of your readers. Boring, bland titles put people to sleep. Try number-styled post to put fannies in front of your latest published article. 13 tips, 12 steps, 11 reasons….each double digit number-themed posts draws in interested readers. Most people want their problems solved immediately. Seeing big numbers tips off readers that their problems might just be solved now. Again, people want a resource.

Numbers also add order to your mind. Numbers create clarity of thought and definitiveness. After reading a number-themed title you know exactly what you are going to get. 12 tips, or 11 reasons. Not so with a vague title.

Also use questions or neat recounts of some personal experience….like ”How an Arm Biting Wildman Teaches Me and You an Online Business Lesson.” These titles pull you in by using concepts like intrigue and mystery, and heck, everybody loves a good story.

4: Work on Your Craft Daily

Write daily. Professional bloggers write daily. Professionals in any profession develop their skills on an almost daily basis. Why would you be any different? You might not publish 1 post daily but you should be spending 1 or 2 hours writing daily. If you really want to become a blogging rockstar spend 3 to 4 hours or more writing daily. Students or people with full time jobs can spend hours writing each weekend to make up for lost time during the week. Ask yourself; do you want to be a rockstar? Do you want to be successful? Do you want to make an unforgettable impact?

Put in the time to develop your skills.

5:  Follow Pros

I learn from blogging pros. I study how successful bloggers present their message. I follow the advice of top level bloggers because I intend to become a top level blogger. This is the name of the game; to become the best learn from the best. Smart bloggers know smarter bloggers can help them grow. Put your ego to the side. Admit that you do not know it all. Learn from the best by following successful bloggers. Cut your learning curve down by years. For example, if you follow my blog you will learn about mistakes which took me 3 to 4 years to find and address. Pay attention to avoid spending 3 to 4 years fighting and struggling through these mistakes. All the knowledge you need to absorb and use is out there for you.

Learn from a pro. Accelerate your success. Becoming a blogging rockstar.

6: Guest Post

If Niraj promotes my latest post on Cash with a True Conscience to his Facebook and twitter networks I might connect with a handful of his readers. This is awesome of course. But if I write a guest post for Niraj I could potentially connect with all of his readers because readers generally tune into each and every post. Such is the power of guest blogging. Introduce yourself to a brand new, targeted audience by simply providing value through your post.

Guest Post

Leveraging is a great secret of success. I get around 5000 page views daily on my blog. If I get published on problogger.net – and I just did J – I instantly snag another 20,000 page views today, because Darren Rowse at problogger attracts about that many views daily. That is 20,000 extra views potentially on my blog. Even if only 1000 people click through that is an extra 1000 views on my blog which is a good deal. This is one reason why blogging rockstars become blogging rockstars. They leverage their presence through guest posting.

7: Work on Your Mindset

Blogging rockstars address their limiting beliefs quickly. Work on your mindset to uncover your limiting beliefs. Ideas like: “I cannot write a 2000 word post, I cannot post more than once every 2 weeks, nobody will read my posts, I have no blogging friends to help me”, and a host of other limiting beliefs you believe in hold back your blogging growth. Successful, inspiring bloggers continue to uncover their limiting beliefs so any blogger needs to address these faulty ideas to become a rockstar.

Spend 30 minutes daily either visualizing, meditating or affirming. Read a good self-help book. Work on your mindset. Identify your limiting beliefs. Do it anyway. Example; if you believe that writing three, 2000 word posts weekly is impossible then write three, 2000 word posts. Sit at your laptop and do it. Embrace the frustration,  embrace writer’s block, embrace anger and just hug all of your uncomfortable emotions. By releasing these negative energies and suffering outside of your comfort zone you will find the genius within you.

If you told me I would be writing 5 to 7, 2000 word posts weekly – most times 2500 words – a few months ago I would have called you crazy. Back then these numbers were impossible to me. But I addressed my limiting belief, pushed myself through uncomfortable moments and here I am. I am rocking it out. I generate over 7500 views daily on Cash with a True Conscience. I am putting up pretty gaudy numbers which continue to improve because I spend at least 30 minutes daily working on my mindset then I get to work!

8: Clean and Simple Designs Rock

Clean, clear and simple blogging themes rock, and since blogging rockstars rock it out you better believe this crowd uses a simple them. Go heavy on content. Post ads too if you wish to generate income……just do not clutter your site with too much stuff. Go easy on flashy graphics. Include sufficient whitespace around your content to make your value stand out. You likely want people to read your content. After reading the next step is to subscribe to your blog or buy your ebook or click on your ads. Make it easy for readers to do any one of these things.

Avoid confusing your readers by designing your blog from a simple space. Readers appreciate simple. Blogging rockstars know that “simple” means “powerful.”

9: Embrace the Fear of Criticism

I read 1 or 2 lines on many bland, boring blogs. Then I close the page. The number 1 cause of blogging malaise is the fear of criticism. Most bloggers are terrified to lose their reputation. They fear going out on a limb. Some bloggers want every one of their readers to agree with them. These folks who toe the party line never become rockstars. If you want to become wildly successful in the blogging niche speak with your own voice and embrace the fear of criticism. Most bloggers fear being criticized. Most bloggers fear losing their good name. The best bloggers proceed despite their fears, speaking their mind. Blogging failures say and write what they believe others want them to say and write, and wind up creating boring, bland, lifeless posts.

Do not bother blogging unless you speak your own voice. People might criticize you or talk trash about you or attempt to sully your rep. No worries. Their problem, not yours. Write. Write. Write. Critics are simply people who lack the courage to do what you do. Nasty critics, at least. Some people offer excellent feedback through their criticism; listen in, embrace the sting of being criticized and you might just learn something which will help your blog grow.

10: WHY?

Why do you want to blog? Identify this reason. This feeling or emotion carries you through the trials and tribulations we all face as bloggers. After 4 years I am finally coming into my own in the blogging world. I knew why I wished to blog. I wanted to be free. I so enjoyed the feeling of being free that I pushed myself through setbacks, failure and other disappointments which derail all but the most disciplined and driver of bloggers. Know why.

You might want to travel the world. You might want to spend more time at home with your family. Whatever your reason why make it bigger than money because what you really want is on the other side of money. Example; few people dream of spending money. Most people dream of living in a nice home or buying a nice car of quitting their job to spend more time at home, running an online business so they can be with their family.

The stuff on the other side of money, the freedom, the jubilation, the joy, these are the emotions you wish to experience. The invisible WHY in the visible WHAT, hold that emotion and you cannot help but to become a blogging rockstar.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Do you want to become a blogging rockstar?

What can you do now to become a blogging superstar?


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